The foundation of your new CV and cover letter is provided by our unique consultation process. So that we can present you in the best possible light we need to get to know of your working history, skills, achievements and aspirations. Our clients advise that completing this consultation assists them in focussing upon their past and their prospects. The process involves:

grey dot Your completion and return of our on-line questionnaire
grey dot Your provision of any existing resume
grey dot Your provision of the job specifications of any positions that you are targeting or considering
grey dot Some telephone contact, as necessary


Whilst naturally your work history will form an important part of your new CV we are conscious that the CV must be written to embrace your ambition for the next job and it is for this reason that we ask you to let us have copies of the job specifications of any jobs that interest you. This will enable us to write your new CV accordingly. We recognise that you require:

  • grey dot A CV that catches the recruiters eye
    grey dot A CV of which you can be proud and which will build your own self confidence
    grey dot A CV that brings persuasive focus to your career
    grey dot A CV which wins those elusive interviews



Your CV writer will diligently prepare the first draft of your new CV and cover letter using a style designed to arrest the attention of the recruiters, this involves a forensic evaluation of all available data followed by some serious creative writing. Then to ensure that no errors are included the drafts are submitted to an external editor, who not only checks for grammar and spelling but also sometimes challenges statements so that the finished document is entirely convincing.



Our fee for your new CV and cover letter is very competitive, around half of the fees charged by our competitors. We are so competitive because ‘’ is a boutique operation, run from a home office and with just one external editor. So you do not have to support an extensive administration.


Brian Holden

Brian Holden